Introducing SchedulePlus

The latest innovative healthcare platform. As a patient, SchedulePlus helps you find quality health care professionals & establishments within your location. You can chat in real time, schedule appointments and check other patient reviews. As a Doctor, SchedulePlus helps you manage your practice and patient appointments more effeciently than ever before. You get complete oversight to your daily schedule and the ability to set your availability.

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How SchedulePlus works

SchedulePlus is a mobile & web app that allows individuals to search for healthcare professionals & establishments around their current location.

  1. Search for doctors
  2. Read their bios & patient ratings
  3. Choose your doctor
  4. Request an appointment from the available time slots
  5. Receive notifications whenever your doctor accepts your appointment.
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Find Quality Health Care Professionals & Establishments

Our concept is simple - quality healthcare at your fingertips with access to specialist doctors, general practioners, local hospitals, clinics & pharmacies.

  1. Book your appointments through the app.
  2. Get directions to the facility.
  3. Find GP's, Specialists and Health Care Facilities.
  4. Schedule a follow-up
  5. Chat with your Doctor.
  6. Track your medical history.
  7. Rate your patient/doctor experience.
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Our Mission

To keep in line with the guidelines set out by the HPCSA, whilst still providing patients with the final aim of receiving convenience & easy access to healthcare.

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